Boris Johnson London Riots Jokes

The London Riots have spread to Islington, the rioters are now throwing picnic boxes, glasses of cava and smoked salmon canapes. Ben, Wimbledon

Picked up my free laptop over the weekend from PC World, aparently the offer was only avaliable in Tottenham. Luke, Hackney

Everything seems to be normal over here in W6, although I did see a Tesco customer leave without taking his receipt. Geoff, Hammersmith

Was wondering if the riots in London were taking place in some impoverished area. Then I heard they were using petrol bombs.

Posh Bastards. Steve, Twickenham

A shop has been set on fire during the riots in London.

It is now a Tottenham Hot-spar. Rachel, Surrey

I couldn’t believe it today when I opened my post and saw that I’d been invited on the next series of ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’

I didn’t think being caught on camera on the BBC news coverage of the London riots in December made me that famous. Rob, London Fields

In the wake of the weekend unrest, police are accused of failing to heed predictions of a riot by MPs, local groups and the Kaiser Chiefs. Kylie, Essex


BBC NEWS: Rioting and stealing begins in Liverpool.

Begins? I can’t remember the last time it stopped. Chris, Newcastle

May we point out that we do not in any way condone the violent attacks in London and hope they catch the buggers as soon as possible so they can stop shutting the bloody pub so damn early!


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