LohanWe at BBM headquarters, would love to give Little Miss Lohan a slight slap around the back of the head to kick start her into getting herself sorted. The naughty actress told a court she was unable to pay for court-ordered counseling to deal with all her shit.

Lohan’s lawyer Shaun Chapman Holley, told a court she was unable to pay for group therapy because “of the attention it would attract and the paparazzi”, simple solution… don’t tell them where you’re going, or as Judge Stephanie Sautner stated “get a loan”.

What we love about Lindsay is her fantastic ability to think before she speaks. Just moments before announcing that she was “broke”, she strutted into court wearing Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly shoe boots. These retail at $1,195. We smell something funny around here, and we think it’s bullshit.

The troubled star has been ordered 21 days to find a new one-on-one therapist, preferably one that doesn’t stock those red soled delights, that clearly all her last pennies have gone on.

Future lesson LiLo, think before you speak! Nice shoes though.