Britney Smells - Jonathan Anderson pic 1aBritney Spears, international pop star, occasional nutter and the former highest commodity in men’s wank banks has been accused of having poor hygiene by her ex-bodyguard.

Former policeman turned bodyguard Fernando Flores, 29, said Spears was ‘’unkempt”, and claimed that she wouldn’t brush her teeth, use deodorant, or bathe for days.

He also accused the singer of walking around naked and sexually harassing him, as well as scaring her kids by crying and farting. She apparently also openly picked her nose and constantly smelled of tobacco due to her chain-smoking.

This isn’t the first time Britney has had complaints about her hygiene. In 2004, while on a plane, she was asked to put her shoes back on by an air stewardess after passengers complained about her smelly feet. Toxic indeed.

Flores claimed his experience as a policeman made him believe that her behaviour was a result of taking drugs. He is seeking £6 million in damages after suffering ‘’anxiety, depression and insomnia” whilst working for Britney, although her lawyers deny all allegations. Kerry Katona has reportedly sent him her number.