JLSOritse Williams of JLS (the one who stands at the back wearing the funny hats) has decided to declare his love to hip hop queen Nicki Minaj by sending her packets of condoms emblazoned with his face. Who said romance was dead?
The singer sent the wig wearing rapper a Tweet, suggesting the two of them hook up when she’s next in the UK, alas Oritse still awaits a response. “If she gets back to me, hopefully I won’t be single any more…You know what, I’ll send her five packets [of condoms]” stated the star, someone plans on getting busy. We think he’s jumping the gun a bit.
The boy band released a range of condoms with Durex, as part of their ‘Just Love Safe’ campaign. Baring in mind most of their fan base are teenage girls it could be deemed just a wee bit inappropriate.
At least we know they’re fans of no love without a glove, we wonder if this romantic gesture with make Nicki’s heart beat again. (We are aware of the pun, it was just too good to let go).