lily-in-disguiseAs scepticism takes its hold over Lily Allen and sister Sarah Owen’s new fashion label Lucy in Disguise (very clever we see what you did their with the name, nice Beetles reference), we don’t know whether to applaud her for admitting she can’t design or to deplore her for embarking upon such a career. Speaking about the recently launched label which basically whacks a higher price tag on old vintage clothing, Allen commented, “Neither myself nor my sister are designers, but we love fashion and working with vintage allows us to be creative and as involved with the clothes as we can be.” She again commented on her love of old clobber saying, “I love vintage clothing and I felt like we could highlight how brilliant vintage shopping can be,” The thing is love, we hate to break it to you but vintage clothing was discovered by the fashion brigade a long time ago, and its shiny old appeal has some what dulled in the last year or so. Plus, never trust a bird who wears high top trainers with a ball gown.