NO matter where you go, no matter which country you’re in – every local pub has a bloke in there who smells of piss, stumbles about a lot, and rambles incoherently about the government and his ex-wife to anyone brave enough to approach the bar.

He’s an alcoholic right? Well if you’re in Conwy in North Wales, you’re wrong! Ha! Turns out he’s a James Bond-style superspy ready to weed out society’s criminal elements at a moment’s notice.

Conwy Council has spent £4000 hiring actors to play drunks to test local pubs breaking the law when it comes to serving customers.

According to papers documenting the operation, the actors staggered around ‘dressed in dishevelled and stained clothing’, slurring their speech and falling over. They also told bar staff they were drunk as they ordered more drinks.

But while ordinarily bar staff would face fines for serving customers they believe to be under the influence, as the actors were only pretending to be drunk no offence was actually committed. In other words, the whole thing was pointless. Nice.