FROM the lowly peasant inspired by the beautiful princess as she brushes past him to her royal chambers, to the mighty king bubbling with desire for the bubbly wench at the local tavern. If there’s one universal truth shared by men of every station across the world, it’s that we all have wanking fantasies.

Builders show their base desires by making lewd comments to women as they walk past scaffolding, but students at Cambridge University have proven they’re no better than beasts of the field after announcing prominent members of the porn industry will be invited to one of its historic debates this year.

Previous big names for the debate have included the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix.

This year, however, porn star Johnny Anglais, the first UK adult film director Anna Span and Shelly Lubben, who is now a chaplain but was once the star of films such as Bra Busters 2, will be taking to the debating platform.

‘The issue of pornography is prevalent in today’s society; it’s easily accessible online for people of any age, and seems to be increasingly covered in the news and on TV programmes,” said president of the union Lauren Davidson, while flicking her bean and being double penetrated by two classmates.