BBM’s favourite old geezer, Vinnie Jones, has notched an impressive role in his quest for Hollywood domination. No, seriously, he has.


Jones debuted last week on new television show The Cape where he played a villain named ‘Scales’ because of the freakish skin condition that gives him the appearance of being covered with green and gold scales. Admit it, you want to watch it.


The show follows after a bunch of ‘tough guy’ roles in X-Men 3, The Condemned and Garfield 2. No, really, Garfield.


He also was paid £350,000 to participate in Celebrity Big Brother, which ended in controversy (when does it not?) when he described dear Davina McCall as ‘walking like a retard’. At least he wasn’t racist.


Vinnie will also star alongside Christopher Walken and Val Kilmer in the new film Kill the Irishman. BBM likes the sound of that one already.