Libya the latest gaddafi's compound seized reporters taken hostageAs shit is still seriously kicking off in Libya, forces loyal to Gaddafi have freed British journalists and other foreign nations that have been held captive in a Tripoli hotel for 5 days. However stop your yays there as they’ve now taken 4 Italian reporters hostage and apparently their driver was killed as they made their way in to Tripoli. ITV News correspondent John Ray and his team escaped the hotel earlier yesterday, he commented on the ordeal saying, “We thumbed down a lift at the side of the road. The man who picked us up was telling us it wasn’t safe. To prove his point, there was a car that had been fired upon and there was a body of a man who had been shot by, I assume, the army.” BBC’s Matthew Price added he and the other journalists feared being used as human shields if the regime’s forces used the five-star hotel as the site for a last stand.

Gaddafi’s compound was seized by the rebel forces 2 days ago on August 24th 2011 taking his personal posessions, including a hat and a golf buggy. There you go Libya – That’s the looting spirit! Oh no we forget the Libyan people actually have a reason to be pissed off!

By Bertha Balls-Mavis