Hurricane Irene eys up New YorkAs Hurricane Irene battered the Bahamas, she’s hungry for some more like a gluttonous s and m addict as she eyes up New York. The hurricane has now been upgraded to a level 3 as 185kph (115mph) winds slapped the Bahamas sideways. ‘Be advised, it’s going to be a very large circulation as it moves north of the Carolinas,’ said National Hurricane Center director Bill Read. Continuing, “The centre may stay close to the coastline on Saturday and then become a big threat for New England and Long Island on Sunday.” East coast residents, who have already been rocked by a 5.8-magnitude earthquake this week, had a taste of what could be in store as Irene tore off roofs and knocked out power in the Bahamas. Shoot – it just doesn’t sound like America is such a great place to visit this time of year.

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By Bertha Balls-Mavis