Lazy Cow Syndrome Spoof Video Goes ViralA satire about a fictional benefits claimant suffering from ‘Lazy Cow Syndrome’ has become an Internet hit, attracting over 185,000 viewers.

The video, starring 43-year-old actress Gill Jordan, tells the story of mum-of-two Doreen who after being diagnosed with the syndrome, which gives her trouble “shifting [her] arse,” was forced to claim a pile of state handouts.

In a thick Black-Country accent, Doreen explains how finding a job is impossible because: “As soon as I tell ’em I don’t want the job, they ain’t interested.”

“I’m on loads of drugs,” Doreen explains, “Heroin, Ecstasy, a bit of Crack at the weekends. But it all helps, don’t it? If you’re off your head, it takes your mind off it.” True, true.

Unsurprisingly, the video has attracted both praise and criticism from all sides. One You Tube viewer applauded it for “humiliate[ing] those who think it’s alright to sit on your arses and play the system and the tax payer!” (Thank you, Jeremy Clarkson)

Others, however, claim it is a damaging portrayal, with one user stating that the video is “stereotyping unemployed people as ‘scroungers’ […] We should be looking at ways to create jobs rather than demonising the unemployed.”

Either way, it’s a pretty funny watch. Check it our HERE:

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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