Alberto Contador Regrets Eating Steak As His Career Is Taken From HimAlberto Contador famously won the Tour De France in 2010 in a 39 second gap against Andy Schleck after Schleck’s bike chain’s malfunctioned and he was wearing the yellow jersey as the leader of the race. Since then there has been controversy that Contador took performance enhancers to have a better chance of winning the title, and now these claims have been proven true and Contador has had a severe sentence, to which none of his money has been taken sadly!

He has had his 2010 title stripped from him and runner up Andy Schleck now has his revenge as he will now claim the 2010 Tour De France. Not only has he had his moment of fame taken from him, poor Alberto has not only been told he can’t cycle for two years. So don’t expect to see Alberto in the cycling lane anytime soon. Well it isn’t that bad he can still cycle publicly, but the next Tour De France won’t be attended by the man who has been described as the best cyclist in the sport at the moment.

By Jason Barr

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