Sources are suggesting that zany pop singer Lady Gaga is now engaged to her long time beau Carl Luc.


The pair are thought to have spent Christmas together at his parents house in Nebraska, after getting on well, they have decided to go and get married.  The couple met in Manhattan four years ago, and even took part in a spiritual commitment ceremony last year.  Sure doesn’t sound like a bad romance to me, no pun intended.


According to sources “She could have paid for Luc and his family to stay in a five-star hotel at Christmas but thought it was way more romantic to stay with him in the bedroom he had as a little boy.”, yup because that’s not weird at all, well this is Gaga.


The pair are apparently set to announce their engagement on February 13th, the day Gaga’s new track ‘Born This Way’ premieres, and it’s the day before Valentines, how romantic?


With everyone focused on the bloody royal wedding and Kate’s dress, how about us who don’t give a shit focus on the Lady of pop’s wedding.  No pressure Gags but your dress needs to be officially epic, otherwise we’ll lose faith in you forever.