A George Michael look a like has been posting pictures of himself on gay networking app pretending to be the singer.


George Michael has been laying low in Sydney hitting up all the trendy bars and restaurants the city has to offer, along with partying it up with the gays.  Michael has been seen at The Manta Ray restaurant and Woolloomooloo, yeah you try pronounce that second one.


However one look a like has taken it one step further by posing as the singer on app Scruff.  The site describes itself as being for ‘bears, furred, inked, uniformed, jocks, geeks and more”.  Sounds a treat.


The star hasn’t been shy of using apps before after using other gay networking app Grindr, the last time he was in Sydney.  The user lists his name as ‘Back For Wood’, with the app using satellite positioning to connect guys to other guys, basically an easy way for certain guys to get laid.


The rep has denied it was Michael, which leaves us wondering, did the imposture get lucky?