Poor Chezza Cole, she’s not really had the easiest time of it lately, and her start to 2011 doesn’t seem to be getting a lot easier.  Cole’s golden ticket to world domination would have been as a judge on the American X Factor, however it’s decided they don’t want her. Ouch.


According to sources everyone thinks she has the gig in the bag, however sources are suggesting that’s not exactly the case, “The truth is, nothing has been signed and the producers still aren’t convinced.”


The network Fox, is pushing for stars such as Katy Perry and Rihanna mainly because inn the US would have heard of them, instead of some girl from the UK with a funny accent coming over thinking she’s the shit. 



Rumour has it that Katy and Rihanna are too busy for the job, with upcoming tours.  Bosses are not apparently trying to get Christina Aguilera on board, who was more Slaguilera after her controversial X-rated performance on the UK version of the show.


Simon Cowell is trying to work his magic with the network, but nothing has been decided yet.  Wake up Simon, you don’t rule the world just yet, not everything’s going to go your way!


Bad times for Chez, I guess she’ll have to with the house hunting in LA, as she might not be saying goodbye to the pasties and ale just yet.