Kite Surfer Vs Shark SquadPolish Kite Surfer Jan Lisewski was two thirds of the way through a 124 mile journey across the Red Sea when tragedy struck. The wind died.

The lack of wind deflated his kite, leaving him all but stranded.

Having travelled a fair distance from El Gouna in Egypt on his way to Duba in Saudi Arabia, he was a long way from land and safety. He waited an hour and half hoping that the wind might pick up again so he could go on. When it did not he sent out an SOS signal to alert the coastguard to come for him. Three hours later he tried again. His wait for rescue was to last 40 hours.

While he waited he survived on energy drinks, energy bars and water. But hunger and thirst were not the only dangers in the water.

Probably attracted by the bright colours of his kite, several attempts were made by a number of sharks to make a meal of him. Sharks ranging in size from 2.5 metres to 6!

Fortunately for Lisewski, his brother Piotr had convinced him to take a knife along with him. Jan believes Piotr had acted on premonition, but who knows.

Lisweskis battle with the sharks lasted all night before he was finally saved. He claims to have fought off eleven sharks, while others circled but kept their distance.

By Lewis Roe

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