Pointless Zebra Crossing Protects Safety of StudentsSometimes you see things that make you wonder whether supposedly intelligent people are as smart as they are made out to be.

At the University of West England in Filton, Bristol a ridiculous and pointless zebra crossing is a humorous talking point for the students.

Just a few meters long, next to a brick wall, in a low traffic area, in a gap so small that vehicles only use it for reversing into to turn around the crossing supposedly improves public safety.

Student Lizzie Ballard, spoke for the majority of student opinion:
“It’s completely ridiculous – I don’t know why it’s where it is but it gives us a good laugh every morning.
There’s absolutely no point to it but at the same time it’s definitely the safest crossing anywhere in the world.
You hardly ever see any cars coming down the rest of the road let along right down to the end – it’s so quiet.”

A spokeswoman for the uni, Jane Kelly thinks the crossing is justified:
“It does look a bit silly but there is a small car park round the corner and cars sometimes reverse backwards to get out.
Despite there being a brick wall at the end of the road the crossing is there just to be safe rather than sorry.”

Someone had to come up with the idea of putting it there, someone went to the time and effort of hiring someone to paint it, then someone painted it and was paid to do so. That’s who I feel sorry for.

By Lewis Roe

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