FOLLOWING in the footsteps of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, pop’s latest one-woman marketing campaign , Ke$ha, has done something outrageous, but not really that outrageous, (like kissing a girl or wearing wacky outfits) to try and sell more records.

Apparently, the mkeshawebanufactured-to-look-mental singer claims she’s defaced the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angelas using spray-paint on bedsheets so that it read Ke$hawood.

She’s denied footage of the incident is a web hoax. Or at least we’ve been told she denied it as we can’t understand a fucking word she’s written on her Twitter page.

“HwOod $IgN I$ oFficially My bIznatch!!!!!” she tweeted incomphrensibly.
“GOod work2allmyHoTculpritss!! LOOK AT THE SIG
N LA!.”