kayla's-a-bunny-boilerAs much as we detest Ashley Cole, we can’t help but be a little concerned for his safety at present. After managing to persuade Playboy model Kayla Collins to have a couple of drinks with him and a cheeky snog at Funky Buddha, it would appear that she has become rather infatuated with the loser love rat. Saying things that have most likely ended their relationship, we thought we’d print them, so other women can see what not to say when you’ve just started dating someone, “This is for real,”, dig that hole, “We have kindled a relationship. Ashley is a lovely, lovely man and I hope that this works out. It isn’t just a one-off, we are both hoping that this will be the real thing. I’ve got my fingers crossed.” Getting deeper… “I’ve heard he gets a hard time over here but he is a warm, funny, kind man. I think he deserves a second chance.” And the final nail in the coffin, when talking about their first date; “I hope to be having lots more fish and chips in the future, hopefully with Ashley.” We can hear Cheryl’s manic laughter from here.