bad-day-at-the-officeEveryone has bad days. Largely these occur within the confines of the hours nine to five. The trouble is there’s not often a lot you can do about them, especially when just about everyone’s job is on the line due to one of the other buzz stories of the year – the economic crisis. Props are deserved then to Steven Slater who wins the 2010 award for living his life most like Ferris Bueller.

Slater, a 38-year-old flight attendant from New York, was working on the Pittsburg flight to New York, when he was allegedly hit in the head by a passenger retrieving a bag from the overhead locker after touching down.

Of course we all know that you MUST remain seated until the pilot gives you the all clear, which is what this unhelpful passenger did not do. Demanding an apology from the passenger, Slater instead was told to “flip off”, which it appears was the last straw. He took over the plane’s PA, expleted some expletives followed by declaring, “That’s it, and I’m done.” He then tore off his tie, cracked a beer, inflated the emergency exit slide and left the plane the way that just about everyone that has ever been on a plane has dreamt of doing.

He was later arrested and forced to pay nearly $10,000 towards the cost of the slide, but we think it’s a small price to pay for acting out half the world’s population’s fantasy.

By David Drummond