Kardashian-Queen-of-the-worldCareful Kimberly if that pretty head of yours gets any bigger it may well just topple off of that perfect plastic body. Reality star Kim Kardashian (who found fame through releasing a sex tape – the only way in Hollywood these days!) recently visited Paris and now is starting to believe that she’s bigger than Princess Diana. Commenting on her visit to the chic city, she said, “When we went to Paris there’d be so many fans and so much paparazzi,” Continuing, “The guy at the Ritz was like, ‘I’ve never seen it like this since Princess Diana,’ and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’.” We’re envisioning that the “guy at the Ritz” was a sharp tool and had already picked up on how much Kim loves herself, so naturally thought he’d play up to it. Honestly, comparing a reality slut to dead royalty, well I never.