File-under-lameOk, so we’re definitely more team Andre than Price, but come on, if you want to keep the public’s support do not go and do something like this? You hear us Pete?

The has been singer, who’s fleeting TV career also appears to have bombed has launched his second fragrance entitled, Mysterious Girl. Yep, you heard us right, he is still unbelievably milking his one song that reached no. 2 back in 1992. Not even no.1. Christ alive, can you believe it, because we are actually flawed at the shamelessness of it all. A statement on his website reads, “Inspired by Peter’s worldwide smash hit single ‘Mysterious Girl’ the Fragrance is a fresh, floral and feminine scent ­ perfect to wear during the day or for an evening out. ?With fantastic tones of fresh flowers, jasmine, orange blossom and a sleek rose tinted bottle ‘Mysterious Girl’ will appeal to all ages. It is available from The Perfume Shop, priced from £19.50.” Don’t all rush there at once now will you!