For all those lucky *ahem* people at Wireless festival in London, Kanye had to perform both dates as Drake pulled a sickie. We say perform but if the angry Tweets from festivalgoers are anything to go by, seems Yeezus did more ranting than rapping. So, if you were an unfortunate soul in the audience being told about “evil corporations” by a man in expensive designer clothes and several diamond chains, here are some Kanye jokes to make you feel a bit better.
Make fun of Kim and Kanye’s name choice for their daughter North West all you want, but that baby is going straight to the top.
And a bit to the left.
The only reason why Kanye married Kim Kardashian is because he couldn’t marry Kanye West.
Just bought myself the 2015 Taylor Swift calendar, but for some reason, all the pictures are of Kanye West.
Remember to say your prayers before you sleep or Kanye will continue his rant in your dreams.
I was halfway through a wank the other day when all of a sudden Kanye West burst through the door.
It was okay though, he let me finish.
Just had a look at Kanye’s new setlist.
Lectures will begin after every three songs.
Kanye’s the type of person to text himself then get mad because he didn’t text himself back.
Rumour has it that Kanye’s next album will be titled ‘Yallah’.
My favourite sexual position is the Kanye West.
We both get on a stage in front of loads of people, while I humiliate her and scream about how Beyoncé is better.
What’s the difference between an over-curious archaeologist and Kanye West?
The archaeologist is a nosey digger.