Whether it’s from that lad at school who no one is in touch with anymore, or that weird fella in the pub who you only talk to when you’re blind drunk, we’ve all heard the theory that if ants got their act together, they could overthrow us and seize control of the planet.
And in a chilling turn of events, it seems they may have already struck the first blow.
A scientist says ants may have contributed to a “catastrophic” gas blast that flung Paul Wilmott three metres clear of his house in York and buried him in rubble – fatally fracturing his skull.
Apparently a corroded copper pipe was the cause of the “accident”, but investigations showed it had been damaged by water and formic acid.
“Ants produce this formic acid which attacks copper. It seems unique and coincidental that it seemed to be an ant nest there,” said Dr Elizabeth Grear at the coroner’s hearing. That was no coincidence doctor, that was the world’s first ant murder.