North Korea’s troubled ballistic missile researchers may want a word with the coaches at Aberdeen.While Kim Jong-un’s minions struggle to fire a fireworks-night rocket from their own backyard over a neighbour’s hedge, some lad in the under-19s at the Scottish club has booted a ball so hard in training it ended up in Norway.
OK it didn’t quite reach Norway in one go, but it was still a Wilson-from-Castaway style journey for the travelling ball, after it went over a fence at Banks o’ Dee FC’s ground into the River Dee. It is thought to have been swept into the North Sea and drifted around the coast of Norway to the island of Vanna.
The ball was found by Nils Hugo, who told his friend Johnny Mikalsen of his discovery, who then tracked down the owners of the ball from the club’s name scrawled in pen on the side of it.
“Hi! You properly have one of the best long distance kickers in the world,” he wrote. “A friend of mine found a football with your club name on by the seaside. It has travelled quite a distance. We are located 1,800km (1,118 miles) north of Aberdeen.”
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