Jubilee JokesSo that’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee done and dusted, but who would we be if we didn’t have a little laugh about it now. Here are some of the best Jubilee jokes.

I can’t believe how much disruption the Royal family has caused in London with the jubilee celebrations.
At least the last time they caused this many traffic jams they had the decency to do it in Paris! Jerry, Greenwich

I am sick and tired of my husband coming on this site and using all of the jokes and humour. Frankly it has become an embarrassment at family occasions, on holiday and in public in general.
I’m even considering changing my name from Queen Elizabeth to something less conspicuous. Damn it Philip. Dan, Chelsea

We’ve all heard the jokes, When Kate Middleton becomes queen we wont need any glue for our stamps… Maybe because they will have an adhesive backing? Will, Richmond

My brother is too scared to attend the jubilee celebrations, he’s a coronation chicken. Tom, Kings Cross

How will I be celebrating the Jubilee this weekend? I’ll be drinking in Bar Humbug. Pete, Northants

I hate bunting because it reminds me of the day triangles came to our village and took our children. Emily, Paddington

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