It's Hungry WorkIt’s Hungry Work Being a Policeman

It’s been announced this week that police officers scoffed down two pizzas, which were actually evidence at the scene of a crime.

The pizzas had belonged to gang members who were holding a drug dealer hostage in a Hertfordshire house this April, however the gang and the victim himself had fled the scene of the crime before the pizza boy or the police got there.

The gang had ordered two deep pan pizzas, however since no-body was around to answer the door, were offered to the police at a reduced price, who kindly took the pizza-boy’s offer. The officers ate the food and left the boxes in the back of their police car, only to be found the next day by another officer who realised it was evidence.

There goes the stereotype of doughnut munching behind the wheel. It must be hungry work being a policeman, especially if you have to eat the evidence!

David Mahoney