Dog Eat DogIt’s A Dog Eat CGI Dog World

The loveable Andrex puppy we have all grown to love and adore has now been replaced, this time with a digitalised version of the puppy.

The announcement that the bouncy pup would no longer feature in the adverts, follows a bizarre puppy audition at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden, just two weeks ago. Andrex Talent Scouts went on the hunt to find the new Andrex puppy. Puppies lined the road including the traditional yellow Lab, along with Dalmations and the British Bulldog, somehow the latter doesn’t seem quite as cute as an Andrex puppy should be!

However the doggy audition turned out to be one big marketing ploy, after Andrex revealed they had been working on the new advert for six months. This will be the first time since 1972 that the cute Lab has been replaced by a computer. Like many things in life.

The advert is entitled ‘It’s the Little Things’ and shows the pup in his own little reality TV show, not that there’s enough of those as it is!

The 40-second clip hit screens this week, and is the mastermind of the CGI whizz kids behind films such as The Golden Compass and Harry Potter.

The Marketing Director for Kimberly Clark, (who make Andrex) Jon White stated: “We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character. We’re confident you’ll love him and his new Puppy World and will be reminded about why you fell in love with him in the first place”.

I’m sure that would work…only if we hadn’t all fallen in love with the real thing first.

David Mahoney