Traffic Jam BirthTraffic Jam Birth

CCTV this week sensationally captured a husband helping his missus give birth to their baby daughter…on the motorway during a traffic jam.

Helen Osborne went into labour on a Saturday afternoon and with her husband Richard Sullivan, who thought they would be able to make it to the nearby hospital, a mere five minute drive away. However the couple hit some good old gridlock on Leicester city’s inner ring road, inevitable really since Saturday is quite a busy day for most people what with Christmas and all that jazz.

It was when Helen shouted that the head was “coming out”, the couple pulled over on the motorway and Mr Sullivan had to roll his sleeves way up, but little did he know, the whole thing was caught on CCTV used to control traffic.

On the tape you see the couple’s car pull over, another silver Range Rover pulls in front of their car to help. The Range Rover owner gave Mr Sullivan their phone, with which the happy father called 999 to get assistance on how to deliver the sprog.

What we have learned from this is that if you can’t keep your legs crossed, it may well become increasingly harder to do so 9 months later.

David Mahoney