Being British we love to talk about the weather, and all this glorious sunshine has given us the perfect excuse to do so.

While April and the first half of May saw us endure ridiculous amounts of rain, hail, storms and in some parts of Scotland, snow, it seems summer is finally here.

With highs of 26 degrees Celsius in parts of the UK this week, we are currently hotter than Spain, Greece, Peru, and Italy, as well as LA and Miami. Boom.

But this is Britain, and we are the place with the fewest number of Bank Holidays in Europe. So naturally, most of us are stuck indoors at work as the rays beam outside. We’re hoping this lasts just a little bit longer, till the Queen’s Jubilee – that glorious occasion where we all get to sack work off for a few days.

In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the sunshine from sweltering hot tube trains, and watch all the fat, unemployed chavs walking around with no shirts on. Don’t worry, soon we’ll be able to enjoy our classic 99p flake ice creams which cost £1.75.

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