You know when you go out for a lovely Sunday dinner and you decide to take your pet zebra and macaw with you, and then it’s all ruined because the police arrest you for drink driving? No? Well 55-year-old Jerald Reiter from Iowa does.

Police were brought to the unlikely passengers after a passer-by reported the two animals casually sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, outside the Doghouse Bar and Lounge in Ankeny, near Des Moines.

When they arrived they found the battered owner, Jerald Reiter, attempting to drive them away. Mr Reiter explained that the zebra and the macaw really enjoy car rides, and he had planned to take the animals with him into the bar, however on this occasion they were refused entry as food was being served.

Reiter then explained to the cops that he knew he was too drunk to drive and was about to let someone sober take over just before they started questioning him.

It comes as no surprise that Reiter failed the sobriety tests and was arrested.

He claims the zebra and macaw are his household pets and often go into the bar with him. The owners of the establishment have denied ever letting animals inside. See we reckon they are missing out on a trick there. Put a zebra and a macaw in our local, and we’d be down there in a flash.

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