Old BatmanWe all love a superhero and what’s better than a one who’s giving good old Batters and Robin and run for their money? A 74 year old great granddad from Evesham, Worcestershire has changed his old person electric scooter into his very own Batmobile. The make over on his vehicle took weeks, and is reported to have become a local celebrity.

Speaking to the Metro paper ‘people drive past in their cars and stop when they see me, get out, and ask for a photo.’ Get you Grandpa, with your pimped out ride and swarms of paparazzi. However you’d think this is where he is going to stop, well of course we’d be wrong. The retired construction worker clearly wants to be back at work as he is currently working on a design to turn the scooter into a Thunderbird ship. What’s next, the Tardis?