Homeless Internet Dater's Bungled Attempt to Bed WomanThere’s absolutely no harm in living in a fantasy world. Just ask Cheryl Cole, who’s always phoning BBM up to beg for sex. Insatiable she is. But one British fantasist took being a nutbar to new heights in Monaco last month.

Alexander Thomas, a dapper 31-year-old from Manchester, goes around telling people he’s a top golfer despite the fact he sleeps in a car on the French Riviera. Somehow he managed to convince an American woman to meet him at his place but, realising she might be put off by the back seat of a car, he decided instead to break into a millionaire’s mansion.

He then set up a “love bed” surrounded by rose petals, oranges, lemons and champagne bottles on a deck by an unfilled swimming pool, police said.

Alex decorated a balustrade with posters of his idols: a young woman, Manchester United and Winnie-the-Pooh, before raising the black pirate’s banner over the scene.

After practising his golf swing on the lawns, he turned on taps and showers to fill the pool and left them running while setting off to meet the woman.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, the real owner returned to discover a flooded pool had damaged some priceless memorabilia. When Alex came back, he was nicked by bemused police officers who’d had a good giggle watching CCTV footage.

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