harass the pigsHarass the pigs
PASS the Pigs eh? What a fantastic idea for a game. Here are two pigs, throw them onto a table and see how they land. Fifty points for a double snouter? Genius.
But there’s one version of the game that nobody likes. It’s the one where you “pass” the “pigs” while doing 32mph in a 30 zone and get three points.
Well hats off to a Twitter-loving bloke in Johannesburg who’s come up with a way to ‘cheat’ at this interpretation of the classic party game.
The Twitterer, known only as PigSpotter, regularly updates his online account to post the locations of speed traps and roadblocks on J-burg’s streets.
“Pigs trapping in the bushes on Bowling Avenue, just before 12th,” read one post last week. “There’s a permanent pork rash stuck on Coleraine towards Rivonia trapping criminals freeflowing downhill,” said another.
Understandably, The Filth aren’t happy and are now hunting for “PigSpotter”, claiming they’re offended by his vulgar language when referring to police officers. We’re sure having a healthy revenue supply cut off has nothing to do with it.