A sexy Berlusc show
THAT cheeky Italian charmer Silvio Berlusconi is single again and back on the prowl, with women literally queuing up to shag the silver fox of global politics because of his quick wit and way with the ladies.
Well that’s what he’s claiming anyway. The other, more realistic version of recent events, is that the Italian Prime Minister has once again come out with a load of sexist drivel and sparked outrage with a joke about Hitler at a political youth rally for his People of Freedom Party.
The 73-year-old told the audience: “Women are lining up to marry me, because I’m a nice guy, because I’m loaded, because I know how to deal with women.”
He added that females who prefer older men think: “He’s old. He dies and I inherit.”
He then went on to make a bizarre joke about Hitler being discovered alive and urged to return to power by his followers. Start forming a line ladies!
Harass the pigs.