“STAND back Iceman, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Robin too!

Don’t wanna cause a ruckus with B.A. Barracus, but I got a match for you.

She makes them look like a bunch of fairies, got more bottle than United Dairies, Hang about! Look out! For Supergran!”

Who could forget the classic Billy Connolly-sung theme tune to classic kiddies show Supergran from the late 80s? Well, pretty much everyone apart from BBM apparently. Bit of a bad reference.

Still, the spirit of the tartan-clad Scotch superhero lives on in the form of 84-year-old  pensioner Doris Thiele, who used her walking stick to whack the shit out of a heroin addict who broke into her house.

“I decided to stand my ground but screamed when he came towards me,” she said.

“My daughter rushed out of her room and put her arm around his neck.

“He kept shouting ‘wrong house let me go’ but I grabbed my father’s walking stick and kept hitting him. We weren’t going to let him go and he knew it.”

Robbed of the use of his limbs, the quick-thinking intruder came up with a novel way of escaping his assailants – nutting a glass window to shatter it and make his escape. Unfortunately, police then had a handy trail of blood to follow their man and he was arrested shortly after.