Girl Power - Bride Disowns Husband After he Demanded a DowryGirl Power – Bride Disowns Husband After he Demanded a Dowry

Human Rights Groups in Bangladesh are praising the bravery of a young bride after she disowned her just married husband for demanding a dowry payment.

Farzana Yasmin showed she’d most definitely been listening to her fair share of Beyonce, when she kicked the dimwitted knobhead to the curb – realising he was only marrying her for money.

Sultana Kamal of the Ask rights group said that Farzana Yasmin had taken a “principled and brave stand against the gross injustice of dowry payments”.

Although giving or receiving dowries is a criminal offence in Bangladesh – that shiz still goes down. “Ms Yasmin has shown considerable bravery in doing what she did to highlight the evil and oppressive dowry system,” said Ms Kamal, the head of the Ain o Salish Kendra (Ask) rights group.

Basically, we’d like to say well done bebe, you showed him. We imagine she twatted him one with her ring finger across the chops then did some sort of Sporty Spice high kick into his nuts.

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