Some people are getting excited abanner-makejourneyeasierbout the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games. Others though, are becoming worried about their travel arrangements.

With the huge sporting events taking place all over the country will come huge amounts of traffic.

Luckily the folks at Transport For London have put together a site at to ease the pressure for wary travellers.

The site features:


  • An interactive map showing the impact on travel
  • Details of key affected stations
  • Information on the Games lanes, the Olympic Route Network (ORN), the Paralympic Road Network (PRN) and how road restrictions may affect you
  • Days and times of events
  • Travel tips to help you get around in London

There are guides for getting around, tips on ways to save a bit of cash on fares and advice for local business owners who might be affected by the busy season.

It looks like BoJo has put his heart into this, so if you’re someone who thinks they might be affected by the Olympics (or Paralympics) then give it a look over.

By Lewis Roe

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