Germans Have Got The Sock FactorFascinating, eh? German men have been found to be the biggest sock owners, with 24 pairs on average each. Austrians came just after with 23 pairs, followed by the Swiss with 22 pairs.

When it comes to important issues like socks, you should know that you’re more likely to find a French or Swiss man wearing a smelly pair than a German or a Brit.

A study found that only 66% of Frenchmen changed their socks daily, while just seven in ten Swiss men put on a clean pair every day. 4% put on a fresh pair every three days, and 1% changed their socks only once a week.

After pondering over these mind-blowing figures, it was agreed that the frequency of changing socks may be related to the number of pairs owned. Apparently Frenchmen own the least pairs, with only 17 on average each!

Really? They’ve compared men of the world based on their shocking sock information, and now it’s in the news? I’m sure someone could have made this a lot more interesting. What about actually measuring their B.O. levels, or even how much toe-fluff they each have, then put each nationality’s fluff into a jar and whoever has the most has to eat it.

I may be thinking too deeply into this. Don’t forget to change your socks.

By Ella Delancey
Twitter: @ellaaadxb