incest girl was the oneThe ex-fiancé of a woman who slept with her own brother in an Edinburgh lift has told the tabloids she was ‘the one’.
Well, ‘the one’ when the red tops are paying you a few hundred quid to say that. Regardless, ‘heartbroken’ Andrew Emery, 21, has spoken of his horror at finding out Kirsty Finlayson, 18, was the girl caught on CCTV romping with her brother Richard (twice) in a Motherwell train station lift.
Finlayson had told Emery that she was merely facing charges for glassing someone. He found out the truth in the courtroom, putting an end to their plans to move to Newcastle together.
Kirsty previously said: ‘’I can remember thinking ‘Oh my God’ and I told Richard at one point, ‘I can’t do this. We stopped and went back outside the lift. He said something else to me and we went back inside the lift. We had sex again and I don’t know why.”
Ex-soldier Richard said: ‘’We were waiting on the platform for my train home and Kirsty said she wanted a cigarette. But she didn’t want to go out on to the street by herself. She said, ‘Let’s get the lift’ and I didn’t think anything of it at that stage. When the lift doors closed, it just sort of happened.”
Kirsty and Richard are awaiting sentencing after being convicted of incest.
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By Jonathan Anderson
Twitter: sighs_of_fire