Superhero on a Campaign Against Dog ShitOh we do love a tale of shit-flinging, BBM’s favourite fantasy past time…

A Czech superhero has dedicated himself to clearing the Czech Republic of dog poo, after it was branded Europe’s dog shit capital. Batman must be crapping himself.

The superhero in question, named SuperVaclav, wears tights, a helmet and mask whilst patrolling parks in Prague making owners clear up their dog mess.

“I am SuperVaclav, and I have decided to take action against the indifference and hypocrisy in society” stated the hero on his website, before adding “I’m tired of just sitting back and watching the injustice around us. It is my mission”.

The unknown man has uploaded videos onto YouTube, including one in which he pelts a dog owner with his pet’s own crap after it was left on the ground. Nice. Sounds like someone has shit for brains.

By David Mahoney