Photo of Lemonade StandIF you want to get pumped hard when you’re sent to jail, you really need to think about your choice of crime. Killing a baby will do it. But if you’re a bit squeamish about that part of jail-life, perhaps you would consider robbing a lemonade stand.

Run by children.

Who are fundraising for a critically ill 2-year-old.

Yep, that oughta do it.

Gage Turner and his girlfriend Amber Umbarger were arrested after they robbed a thirteen-year-old girl’s fundraising stall.

Chelsea Edwards was busy doing good when Turner stole her takings which were to pay for an operation for her baby cousin. After Turner grabbed the cash, he sped off in a car, leaving his girlfriend stranded.

In Turner’s defence he does have something in common with the sick child, who was born missing parts of his brain.

In other news, people in real life really do set up lemonade stands.