The last World Cup had Paul the predicting octopus so naturally this year’s Euros have gone and got their own psychic animal – Fred the ferret.

Fred will make his predictions by choosing between bowls of food which bear the flags of competing teams, and whichever bowl he chooses to munch from indicates who he reckons will win that game.

Part of the Euro 2012 Fan Zone in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Fred joins Khryak the special hog in Kiev and Citta the fortune-telling elephant in Poland who will all have a stab at predicting the outcomes of the matches.

Fred, who was born and lived in Kharkiv all his life, will be given 15 minutes to predict the winning team. We don’t know about you, but we don’t reckon it’s going to take 15 minutes for a ferret to pick between two bowls of food. Fred probably just wants his lunch and doesn’t even give a shit about the football. Still, maybe they just don’t want to rush the little furry guy.

Fred however has a lot to live up to – Paul the German octopus correctly predicted the outcome of every game Germany played in the 2010 World Cup, including Spain’s victory in the final against the Netherlands.

Unfortunately Paul died several months after the tournament. We’re guessing all his new found fame and money was just too much for him to handle. We’re hoping for a better outcome for young Fred. We’re also going to try and sneak more ferret biscuits into the England bowl. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get.

By Hannah Kurzawski


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