elton_john-110IF THERE’S one iron law of pop music, it’s that as soon as the ‘next big thing’ comes along, the usual parade of ageing pop vampires shamble forth from their crypts to leach some credibility back into their unnaturally long shelf-lives through a combination of name-dropping and collobarations
Usually it’s Madonna who’s Queen of the Crypt, but this story is about that other great pop zombie, Elton John, who’s decided to follow Madge’s lead by jumping on the Lady Gaga bandwagon.
The wigtastic Rocket Man couldn’t resist trying to get himself a few extra column inches of credibility by commenting on the news that nutjob Gaga is touted to be the next Bond theme singer.
“I’m really pleased that Lady Gaga is up for the theme tune. She’s fantastic and it would be amazing to do a duet,” said John, while scouring the internet to see if there was anyone cooler on the horizon in the near future.
Film chiefs are rumoured to have chosen the Poker Face weirdo as the front runner for the theme song for the next 007 movie, which is out in 2011.
So long as she doesn’t have anything to do with the wardrobe department she can do whatever the hell she wants as far as we’re concerned.