Brit6The longest running joke in British history has finally come to an end. Yes, British “comedians” Dawn French and Lenny Henry have announced that their marriage of 25 years is over.
Sources say that the relationship never recovered from the claims in 1999 that Henry slept with a busty blonde behind his wife’s back. If only he’d waited until 2010 for Tiger Woods to make cheating on your wife fashionable. He may have got away with it!
We weren’t surprised by the revelation. The pair were more mismatched than stripes and tartan.
We were more shocked that it took The Vicar of Dibley star so long to realise that Lenny Henry is not funny. We’ve seen cases of gangrene that are more enjoyable to watch than he is. Seeing his twat of a face presenting Comic Relief makes you forget about donating your money to the kids in Africa.
If he likes starving people so much, why did he decide to marry Dawn French?!