eddie murphy pluto nashGetting caught with transvestite prozzies, having very public paternity tests, and generally being a massive cock, will no doubt damage your public persona a tad.
So it comes with no great surprise that being particularly strapped for cash may be the deciding factor in douche bag Eddie Murphy’s wish to return to stand-up comedy.
Commenting on his recent decision, the actor said: “Within the last six months or so, I started getting an itch to do it again. I started writing stuff… I was like, ‘I could go and do 15, 20 minutes right now. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll start working out again’. But it’ll take a year before I’m ready to go on the road… It’s gonna take at least a year to get the rust off; 20 years of rust.”
OK. For starters, it’s not the Eighties anymore, and Eddie Murphy Raw is an institution that should be left well alone.
Oh how we enjoyed the time before we knew what an arsehole he was.