russell brandHands up who thought Russell Brand only shacked up with Katy Perry because he hoped she might follow up on all that ‘I Kissed A Girl’ stuff?
Well we did too. But even though the comedian now has a wedding ring around his finger, it seems the legendary lothario is still adjusting to a life of monogamy, after he admitted that it’s a shame he can no longer shag around.
Speaking about his one-woman life with Perry, Brand said: “You have to be. That’s one of the things about this institution of marriage I’ve recently had explained to me by my wife. You must be faithful. And I don’t have a problem with that.
“I’m really, really in love. Well, I mean, it’s sort of odd isn’t it, because there is certainly a compromise.
“You just can’t maraud through life fucking whoever you’d like… which is a shame because I wish I could actually do that. That’s the compromise.”
Though BBM reckons it won’t be long before big Russ loads up his old blunderbuss and does himself some hunting off the reserve, if you know what we mean…