Jose Mourinho dollJOSE Mourinho and Real Madrid. Jesus titty-fucking Christ.
It still wasn’t official at the time of going to press, but the chances of treble-winning Jose Mourinho NOT going to Real Madrid are pretty much zero. And frankly, we’re scared.
Say what you like about him, he knows how to win things and, as the only bloke in football with a CV big enough to get the Real Madrid ego-bus driving in the right direction, there’s a very real chance they could take a giant dump on the rest of Europe next season. And the season after that. And after that.
The Barcelona-baiting ‘Special One’ already has several targets in mind, allegedly, and BBM for one would be very surprised if Steeeeevie Gerrard wasn’t heading to Spain for more than just a holiday after the World Cup.
According to the press, the only hold up on Jose’s move to the Bernebeu is his agent playing hardball over a four-year contract. Be afraid.