kick in the nutsTHEY’VE only been in the Premier League for five minutes but Blackpool have already been given tempting odds of 16-1 to claim the lowest points total in top-flight history.
The fact that they’re going down is a given, but whether they get 10 points or less is a slightly more interesting question.
Personally, we think Derby County’s record will be safe for a fair few years yet.
See, BBM used to cover Derby games for the local paper during the Rams’ ill-fated 07/08 campaign and, frankly, we’re still scarred by the memory.
While Blackpool may be just as shit in terms of skill level, they at least have some balls about them, not to mention a craphole of a stadium that the likes of Arsenal and Spurs won’t like travelling to one bit.
“Any time a team scores against this lot (Blackpool), God help them, because our results show they just get more driven, more focused and more direct because they don’t like it,” roared Ian Holloway. “We’re like a good boxer. We have shown our chin is absolutely solid – now let’s see how strong yours is.”
Fair enough Ian, but when you’re repeatedly being kicked in the knackers it doesn’t really matter how strong your chin is.
Either way, you’re going down.