Steve Marsh's BMW Shaped HeadstoneThe normal order of things is that if you get run over by a car, you end up dead. But for 51-year old Steve Marsh, it’s the other way round. He was already dead when a car ran over him.
Let’s explain. ‘BMW Steve’ was a lifelong car fan and when he died last year, his coffin was carried to the funeral on the back of an American pick-up truck. But on the anniversary of his death, his family paid for a granite scale replica of his BMW M3 to sit above his grave.
Marsh’s daughter Kerry, 31, said: “When my Mum was in labour with me, my Dad was outside fixing the nurse’s car.
“When he went to the pub he would be washing his friends’ cars. He loved cars and he liked them to be clean.
“We couldn’t just give him a normal headstone.”